Alabama Saltwater Charter Fishing Seasons

Gulf Shores, Alabama has some of the best saltwater charter fishing seasons along the entire gulf coast. Our gentle sea breeze will feel great on your face when you are watching a beautiful sunrise on the Gulf of Mexico. You will feel great on a laid-back fishing charter while on your fishing vacation will certainly be the highlight of your visit to Baldwin County, Alabama. Anglers from young to old love our kind and gentle, action packed deep sea fishing charters that are guided by Captain Troy Frady.

We hope you enjoy reading about our awesome deep sea charter fishing seasons available for you and your family. Whether you bring your kids fishing or your corporation fishing, you will certainly find our guide services to be the best in the industry.

Summer Vacation Charter Fishing Seasons in Gulf Shores, Alabama

Summer on Alabama’s gulf coast offers the best summer vacation fishing charters. We have a lot hot days that are excellent for getting on our charter boat and taking the family on their first time, deep sea fishing charter. Our weather pattern is usually pretty calm except for an occasional afternoon thundershower. The showers are a great way to cool down after an exhausting day on the saltwater fishing.

Our summer charter fishing season is the best time for family anglers and first time anglers to hire a guide and go out and catch your first reef fish like the Red Snapper or King Mackerel. The 6 hour fishing charter offers some of the best light tackle fishing on the entire gulf.

Alabama Fall & Winter Charter Fishing Seasons

Fall fishing in Gulf Shores offers great fishing and the October fishing rodeo.  The past few years have been difficult.  The Red Snapper fishery until 2007 lasted until October 31of each year.  Now with the fishery closed, has caused a lack of participation from many Alabama anglers.  However, saltwater guides that are proactive and involved with and participate in fishing conservation are still staying busy.

The fall fishing is great for those light tackle anglers that want to have fun and catch fish.  The only options are a short 6 hour deep sea, bottom fishing charter or go out for a whole day and fish for Amberjack and Grouper.

The winter Redfish charter fishing season begins with the arrival of the bull Redfish.  Now you are talking about the ultimate winter charter.  These magnificent monster Redfish show up around the last week of October and are usually plentiful throughout the winter months of November, December, January and February of each year.  We can still go out and catch and release any species of reef fish that you want during the winter season.  The problem is, it usually takes a longer trip to catch nice fish on a short deep sea fishing charter because most of them move out to deeper water during this season.

The fishing weather is our biggest factor during the winter fishing season in Alabama.  We normally have mild fishing weather during November and December.  Our worst months for weather is January through March.  However, the bull Redfish bite well in sloppy, cold days.  If you want to read more about winter fishing and the fish you can catch, please read about winter Redfishing on our website.

Spring Break Fishing In Gulf Shores

Spring is the time of the year when we really get some whacky weather and some great fishing.  The months of March, April and May each year, we have cold fronts that pass every three or four days.  The problem is finding anglers that are flexible on their fishing dates in case the weather is foul.

With that being said, spring break fishing in Gulf Shores is celebrated by the fishermen with the arrival of the Spanish Mackerel fish.  The Spanish show up every year by the tens of thousands and are available for family anglers and spring breakers to catch.  If you would like to read more about spring break fishing, please read about our Spanish Mackerel on this site.

The arrival of the migratory Cobia is what every Gulf Shores charter boat waits for every year.  Cobia fishing is a specialty fishing charter that is ideal for fly-fishermen or sight fishermen that want to go out and try to catch a monster fish.

The Spring Cobia run starts during the last two weeks of March each year but that all depends on the spring weather and the water temperature.  The past couple of years, we have found the Cobia fishing starting to get good when the spring water temperature gets above 70 degrees.  The best cobia spring fishing has been from Mid to late April and goes into the month of May.  To read more about cobia fishing charters in the spring, please visit our cobia fishing page or our spring break fishing page.

Alabama Charter Seasons Summary

We would love to take you and your family on an Alabama saltwater guided charter, seasonal fishing charter of your dreams.  Please feel free to visit our Gulf Shores fishing rates page to see which seasonal charter fits your budget.  After deciding on your deep sea fishing trip, please visit our Alabama fishing reservations page and submit your request online.

We answer our emails and phone calls quickly.  If we are out fishing, please be patient.  We call everyone back and answer your fishing reservations request.  Remember, we only offer private charters.  If we do not offer the charter you want, please read our recent article about  walk on, party boat fishing or shared expense trips.   If your group wants to join others and share a trip, please call one of our marinas and get signed up on one of their walk-on charters.

Your Gulf Shores fishing specializes in private, family fishing charters.  We carry up to 6 anglers or passengers at a time.    We would love to serve you.

Gulf Shores Alabama Fall, Winter Fishing Season

Fall and Winter Charter Fishing Seasons in Gulf Shores, Alabama are good.  The fall of each year along the gulf coast of Alabama offers family anglers, some of the most pleasant charter fishing seasons.  Our mild temperatures range from the low 40’s in the morning and the highs in the 60’s to 70’s in the afternoon is common.  We even have quite a few days that are in the 80’s.

Traditionally, the fall of the year has been the best time of the year to go fishing in Gulf Shores.  There are a lot of saltwater anglers that are looking for that weekend escape from work to go deep sea fishing in Gulf Shores, Alabama.  You need to make plans to escape from home and bring the kids fishing or corporate group fishing.

Fall Fishing is Fun in Alabama

No matter which seasonal fishing trip you want to take with us, there is always some good fish to catch during the fall and winter months.  The months of September and October each year produce some good Amberjack and Grouper fishing. The reason the fishing is so good during the fall months is because of a lack of fishing pressure from all  of the gulf coasts charter boats.  Summer fishing is our busiest time of the year and it causes a lot of fishing pressure on the artificial reefs that we catch bottom fish on.  The fall season months are an excellent time to take a long deep sea fishing trip like the 10 hour or longer trip to try and catch Amberjack, Vermilion Snapper and Grouper.   The 6 hour bottom fishing trip is a great time to go catch some nice Red Snapper on light fishing tackle or on a fly rod.  The Red Snapper season is closed during this time of the year so you will have to release them.  They do make for a good picture and an excellent fight.  We are responsible and do everything we can to safely release the snapper by practicing conservation and are currently working with the NMFS to reduce by-catch.

Gulf Shores Winter Redfish Fishing Is Red Hot

The winter months in Gulf Shores begin during November.  That is when the Bull Redfish show up along the gulf shores of Alabama.  These 4 and 6 hour winter Redfish fishing trips are wonderful for those sport fishermen that want to go out just off of the beach and catch some big Redfish that fight hard on light tackle.  We catch the Redfish by sight fishing or by trolling fishing.  Sometimes it is a combination of both.  Bull Red fishing charter seasons last until the end of March every year during the Gulf Shores spring break fishing season.  At that time, it is spring fishing season is in full swing and we start fishing for spring Cobia and Spanish mackerel.

Cold Day Makes Better Redfishing

The best time to catch Bull Redfish is to be on the saltwater just after a cold front has just passed.  The northwest wind that comes in just after the cold front passes, creates ideal conditions for Redfish fishing.  The cool breeze pushes the baitfish away from the shoreline and the Redfish come in near the shore line to feed on them.  Sometimes, we will be sight fishing and it is not uncommon to see a pod of over 1000 Bullreds on top of the water feeding.  You might want to bring your saltwater fly-fishing gear and try to catch a nice redfish.

Booking a Fall & Winter Fishing Charter

When you are ready to book your fall and winter fishing charter, please visit our fishing rates and charter pricing page to see which trip fits your budget and then go to our fishing reservations page to submit your booking request online.   We promise to get back with you quickly.  If we are out fishing, we will call you as soon as we get your email and or phone message.  Call us at 251.975.8111 and book your family fishing vacation in Gulf Shores, Alabama today.

Alabama Spring Break Charter Fishing Season

Spring Deep Sea Charter Fishing is the kick off of the fishing season in Gulf Shores, Alabama.  We have our charter boat polished and ready to go for the spring charter season.  The weather during March, April and May of each year can be pretty mild between passing cold fronts.   There are a lot of days we have weak cold fronts approaching the Alabama gulf coast that cause a strong southeast wind that causes 4 to 6 foot seas.  Those are the days we don’t go and try to re-schedule.  There are a lot of days in between spring cold fronts that allow us to get our family anglers and spring breakers out deep sea fishing.  We do have some days that are colder than others.  Our cold fronts are mostly over by this charter season.  Spring is the time when everyone starts heading to Orange Beach, Fort Morgan and Gulf Shores for that much needed time away from school.

Bottom Fishing and Trolling During Spring Break

Our 4 and 6 hour deep sea fishing trips can be wonderful in the spring.  However, March is kind of a transitional period for fishing.  The water temperature is between 60 and 65 degrees on the surface, just off the gulf shores.  The Redfish are starting to move further offshore at this time and become less consistent.  The good thing is the Spanish mackerel show up on their annual migratory journey.  The first week in April of each year, the full moon makes the Spanish really come in close to shore.  They are a blast to catch and they taste great also.

Alabama Spring Cobia Fish Show Up

The spring break fishing season is also the time of the year when the Cobia show up.  The Cobia Fish is usually swimming just off the second sand bar of Orange Beach and Gulf Shores.  They are swimming to the west, just under the surface of the water.  Most people get in the fishing tower of their chartered fishing boat and ride and use sight fishing as their primary method of fishing.  You can ride for hours and not see anything and then all of a sudden, your spring break fishing trip just turned into a spring fishing charter of a lifetime.  Those spring cobia offer the most experienced angler and spring breakers one awesome fight.  

Booking Your Spring Break Fishing Charter

When you are ready to book your Spanish Mackerel Trolling trip or your Cobia sight fishing charter, please visit our summer fishing rates page to see which trip fits your budget and then go to our fishing reservations page to submit your booking request online.   We promise to get back with you quickly.  If we are out fishing, we will call you as soon as we get your email and or phone message.  Call us at 251.975.8111 and book your family fishing vacation in Gulf Shores, Alabama today.

Gulf Shores, Alabama Summer Vacation, Charter Fishing Season

Summer Vacation Fishing along the gulf coast of Alabama is one of the most popular things you can do with your family or friends.  The pristine white beaches of Gulf Shores, Alabama rival even the most beautiful beaches in the world.  Your family fishing vacation will be one of the best memories you can ever create for your children and kids fishing.  Your deep sea fishing charter is gentle and laid back.  You can expect to catch some real nice fish to release or keep some for supper.  Either way, you will have a great time while summer fishing.

Catch Snapper, Grouper, Amberjack, Wahoo and Mackerel on Your Summer Fishing Charter

Your Family Fishing Charters offers some of the best 4 and 6 hour deep sea fishing charters for summer vacationers that are visiting the gulf shores.  You will have a chance to catch Red Snapper, Vermilion Snapper, White Snapper, Gag GrouperTriggerfishAmberjackWahooBonitaKing Mackerel and Spanish mackerel on a daily basis on our reef fishing charters.

Everyone who vacations in Gulf Shores and our saltwater fishing community loves the family oriented attractions and great southern hospitality and some good Alabama seafood restaurants.We also have some great seafood recipes of our own.  You need to try our Pecan Crusted Gag GrouperGrilled Alabama Triggerfish and our Spicy Grilled Red Snapper.  Distraction Charters offers some of the best summer fishing vacations on the Alabama gulf coast.

Your Gulf Shores summer fishing vacation should be perfect.  Most of the time, the weather in June, July and August is hot and the gulf is mild.  We normally have high temperatures in the low 90’s but there is always a gentle gulf breeze blowing across the charter fishing boat deck to keep you cool.  No matter what temperature it is outside on the charter boat deck, you will always be able to come inside the fishing boats sitting area and cool down with some cold air conditioning.  The long summer days also bring a thunderstorm and a gentle summer rain.  If it does start raining, you can always duck inside the cabin to keep from getting wet.

Summer Fishing In Gulf Shores Is Great

The Gulf Shores summer charter season is our busiest time of the year.  It is when everyone is out of school for the summer.  Even though summer time is our most popular time of the year for bottom fishing and trolling fishing charters as well as deep sea fishing trips. There are also other seasons that are equally as productive fishing seasons as the summer.  We also fish during the fall and winter months and our spring fishing season is the kick off for spring break for all of those families that come to the beach for the break from school.

Fishing during your summer vacation season is the best of the best.  However, the water is warm and the fish bite can be slow during the heat of the day in Gulf Shores.  We highly recommend that you either take an early morning charter bottom fishing trip or the afternoon bottom fishing trip.  All day trips such as the 10 hour and 12 hour trips go through a slow bite phase during the heat of the day.  We normally see the bite start slowing down about 11 am and the fish bite does not pick up again until after 2 pm.  That is why I highly recommend the 6 hour fishing trip to maximize your fish bite.  We offer two 6 hour family fishing trips daily during the summer months in Gulf Shores, Alabama.  This way, you are not wasting your time during the heat of the day waiting on the fish to start biting again.

Booking Your Gulf Shores, Alabama Summer Fishing Charter

When you’re ready to book your fishing charter, please visit our summer fishing rates page to see which trip fits your budget and then go to our fishing reservations page to submit your booking request online.   We promise to get back with you quickly.  If we are out fishing, we will call you as soon as we get your email and or phone message.  Call us at 251.975.8111 and book your family fishing vacation in Gulf Shores, Alabama today.