Becoming a Gulf Shores, Alabama saltwater fishing guide has not been easy. You would think all you would have to do to become an Alabama charter fishing guide is to have a captain’s license and buy a boat. Well, part of that is true. To become the best Alabama saltwater fishing guides, requires more than most people are willing to invest. The best Alabama guides have great personalities, act professionally, are knowledgeable about saltwater fishing and have a sincere desire to please their anglers. Like any business that deals with the public, becoming the best requires a lot more than having the ability to catch fish. You have to listen to your anglers. You have to care. Most of all, you have to remain humble and want to do it better than the rest.

Quality Fishing Charters

Our Gulf Shores guided fishing charters are about catching our anglers, quality fish.  Sure, we catch fish to eat, but that is only a part of our mission. We are Alabama’s first offshore charter boat with a conservation mission. We care about our fish and work hard to do all we can to maintain a stable fishery. Your saltwater guide is Troy Frady. I worked for years with large corporations whose core business was service related. We took everything we liked about those businesses and implemented sound business principles to our fishing guide service.

Our Success Is Measured By The Smile On Your Face

We do not measure our success by how many trips we run in a year or how many fish we harvest. We simply ask you before your charter, “What do you want to catch today?” We measure our success by the smiles on your faces and the memories we have created by watching you and your family have a great time. Your charters are about you having a good time and having fun.

You will laugh and high five everyone when you win the battle and get the big one to the surface. You will cry when you lose a big one. Either way, your guided charter is about you. We do not fish for you. You do it all yourself. Your guide educates, demonstrates and lets you do it yourself. You will smile when you think about all of the fish you caught and the fight they gave you.

Our fishing business has grown over the years to be the leader in Gulf Shores, family charters and is the envy of all family fishing guide services in the entire Gulf of Mexico fishery. Getting there was no accident. We spent many years refining our fishing skills and spending countless hours preparing for this incredible journey. We make our decisions based on our anglers needs.

Guides, Doing The Right Thing Every Time

Being the leader in the Alabama family fishing industry was our mission from day one. We saw a need for a saltwater fishing guide to step up and start doing the right thing, every time. Becoming the best was not easy. Our industry has been changing over the past four years. We have found ourselves becoming highly regulated by the National Marine Fisheries Service. We have seen reduced bag limits and shortened Red Snapper and Grouper fishing seasons reduced.

Restoring Our Saltwater Fishery

Shortened seasons and reduced bag limits happened because Gulf of Mexico charter boats and 3 million private recreational anglers were harvesting reef fish faster than the population could recover. Our National Marine Fisheries Service or NMFS which is a division of NOAA is being pushed by conservation groups and environmental organizations to adhere to the law. We took a stance and decided not to participate in harming our fishery by taking more than we had to. We have to give back to the environment. We invested thousands of dollars each year by building artificial reefs so our reef fish have a place to live. We are constantly learning newer and better ways to serve our family anglers while promoting and restoring our saltwater fishery. We spend thousands of hours each year preparing for your family fishing charter.

Our Anglers Get The Best Service

We are not only good anglers; we are great hosts. Our gentle, laid-back attitudes make for an unbeatable combination. We get the best first time anglers, family anglers and corporate anglers on our fishing charters. All of our anglers love the way we treat them.

Hungry For A Great Saltwater Guide Service?

Our saltwater anglers are people who are starving for great customer service. Our anglers are sick and tired of dealing with businesses that do not care about their family and take their business for granted. We are like you. We have one chance to make a good impression and earn your business. We promise to work hard to please you. We sometimes cannot make the fish bite. That is fishing. You will get great service and you will be able to relax.

Saltwater Guide Fishing Rates and Reservations

We hope you have enjoyed reading about our Alabama saltwater fishing guides. We look forward to hearing from you and your family during this Alabama charter fishing season. Remember, you can find all the information about you need about deep sea fishing in Alabama on this website. You may visit our Gulf Shores fishing rates page to help decide which charter best fits your budget. After deciding you want to go on a guided fishing charter, visit our Gulf Shores fishing reservations page to submit your request online.

If we are out fishing during the day, please be patient with our response. We promise to communicate with you as soon as we get in phone range. We answer all emails quickly. If you don’t believe us, send us one and see. Remember, if we are out fishing, please leave us a message with your name, phone number and the nature of your email. Remember, we do not do walk on charters. We only offer private fishing charters for up to 6 anglers total. We specialize in 6 hour, Alabama deep sea fishing charters.