Alabama Sportfishing Charters

Barracuda Fishing

Barracuda are the ultimate predators of the Gulf of Mexico. Some people call them Great Barracuda. Scientist calls them Sphryaena barracuda. These sportfish have a long slender body that is dark gray to a silver and white color on their belly. They have teeth that look like something that would come from the Amazon River basin, but they don’t. They have rows of sharp, dagger like pointed teeth that are ideal for catching and cutting their food in half with a single bite. You better not wear any jewelry while scuba diving around them. They have been known to take a necklace off of a diver at over 30 miles per hour.

Most of the Barracuda are 4 to 6 feet in length and weigh between 20 and 40 pounds. The food quality is poor in the south Florida Keys but people in this area eat them. I do not recommend it. Always err to caution is what I always say.

Blue Marlin Fishing In Alabama

Blue Marlin is one of the most awesome billfish in the world. We do not have an abundance of Blue Marlin just off the Alabama Shores. Most charter boats that fish for them find themselves some 80 to 160 miles below Orange Beach on a regular basis searching for these magnificent game fish. Most of the time, boats are down in just off the Louisiana coast in the Green Canyon. Scientist calls them Makaira nigricans. The dorsal fin is pointed and is dark blue and black looking. The entire fish becomes dark after it dies. Most Blue Marlin caught off Alabama is 400 to 500 pounds. Some weigh over 700 pounds. A record is over 1600 pounds. Blue Marlin is usually only killed by fishermen during billfish tournaments where the winner can collect hundreds of thousands of dollars in winnings. Most responsible sportfishermen tag and release them.

White Marlin Sportfishing In Gulf Shores

White Marlin is a species that can be caught with some patience while trolling fishing, just 30 miles southeast of Orange Beach during the late summer charter season of August and the fall charter season of September and October each year.  Scientist calls them Tetrapturus albidus.  Their dorsal fin is rounded the fish is slightly darker above its lateral line and silver below.  The White Marlin is a small game fish.  They  are commonly caught between 6 and 7 feet in length and weigh between 60 and 100 pounds.

Alabama Sailfishing

Sailfish are a species that can be caught while fishing in deep water just 30 miles southeast of Gulf Shores during the fall season mentioned above. Sailfish are called Istiophorus playtypterus by scientists. Sailfish have a large dorsal fin that goes more than two thirds the length of their entire body. The fin is dark blue and is covered with light spots. Most of them are 6 feet in length and weigh between 50 and 80 pounds. Sailfish in Alabama is not as common as they are in Costa Rica or on the East coast of Florida. They have been caught but Sailfish fishing in Alabama is not the best place to go and try and get one.

Mahi-Mahi Sportfishing For Dorado

Mahi-Mahi is a common game fish caught during the summer months in the Gulf of Mexico.  They are often found on rip lines and debris lines that are floating way offshore.  Near the shore is their little brothers and sisters called chicken dolphin.  These dolphin fish are called Coryphaena hippurus by the scientists.  The food quality is good and they are to be grilled or baked.  They are very colorful and have a lot of light blue spots over their yellow and silver looking body.  They have a yellow tail fin.  Most of them are less than 5 feet in length. 

They are a sportfisherman’s dream come true.  Dorado’s are caught on a lot of the overnight fishing charters that go way offshore.  Some are caught on shorter fishing charters south of Gulf Shores but they usually are smaller than the ones caught way offshore.

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