Free Range Fishing In Alabama

Our fishing charters only targets free range fish. All of the fish we catch are not held in a large net and are free to move to other reefs when they choose. Fish like the Red Snapper and King Mackerel live on our abundant artificial reefs.

All of our fishing baits are organically grown and come from free range schools. We do not add any chemicals or artificial attractants to our bait, to help us catch our fish. We use natural, organic baits that are biodegradable. They also provide a healthy diet for the reef fish like the Snapper, Triggerfish, Grouper and Amberjack.

Our artifical reef structure that we use to attract free range fish is some of the best in the world. Our all metal and concrete reefs are built to last and do not have any harmful chemicals or paint on them that may harm the environment or the fish that live on them.

The reefs provide free range fish with an abundance of live bait to eat. Free range bait fish are attracted to the large reefs which in return, the reef fish are able to freely eat the bait that swims around their reef naturally.

Our goal is have a sustainable fishery so visitors to Alabama’s Gulf Coast will have larger and healthier fish to consume. We want to ensure that we have a healthy fish stock that will provide quality fish for our children and grandchildren to enjoy catching.