Gulf Shores, Charter fishing policies

We do not require a deposit like other Gulf Shores deep sea fishing charters do! We take a credit card number to hold your spot. We do not run the card. You get to keep your money in your pocket until the day of the trip. You are expected to pay the entire fare the morning of the charter. We take Cash, Traveler’s Checks Visa and Mastercard and American Express. No personal checks accepted.

Cancellation of fishing charters

Saturday fishing trips: We charge anglers 50% of the booking price if you cancel within 21 days of the trip. If you cancel within 7 days, we charge you 100% of the price of the trip. Sorry, but Saturdays are the hardest day to book and most people plan carefully.

Weekday Trips booked way in advance or 21 to 8 days before trip: We accept cancellations up to 8 days in advance with only a $150 penalty. Example> if you book 30 days out and cancel on the 22nd day before your trip, there is no penalty. If you book 30 days out and cancel 21 days to 8 days before the trip, you pay $150.

Trips booked 7 days to 1 day in advance: If you do not show up the morning of the trip, we charge your credit card 100% of the charter. Our credit card companies honor charges for reservations and will not dispute them. You will be charged.

We understand that things happen to plans and finances. The further out you book and cancel the better you are. The closer you get to your date and cancel may mess us up because we could have booked that date with someone who would not cancel.

No Refunds For Seasickness or Motion sickness

If you get seasick during a trip no matter how long into it, you will be held responsible for the entire amount of the charter.

Disclosure about fishing

Captain Troy or Distraction Charters guide service will not be responsible or liable for any loss, damage or injury to deep sea sport fishing participants, personal property or for any cancellations, expenses or delays incurred as a result of bad weather or rough seas or conditions over which we have no control. Captain Troy has the right to withdraw and or cancel any deep sea fishing trips offered at any time or make necessary changes to deep sea fishing trips as may be necessary for safety and proper handling of said deep sea fishing trips.

We do not plan on taking you out in dangerous weather or any seas that we feel are not safe. Sometimes uncomfortable weather such as sea height and wind happen. Even though it is uncomfortable, it still may be safe to fish. We do not cancel trips until the morning of the trip. Yes, you have to show up at the boat even if it’s raining, windy or lightening as these storms usually pass quickly. Be at the marina or you will be charged for the trip. We can speak via telephone if the weather and its forecast are horrible.

Pictures and Photo’s take while on board Distraction- Distraction respects the wishes of our customers and always does the right thing. We do however reserve the right to publish pictures of your group, individual, child or children with the sole intent of website and advertising purposes. We do not allow anyone to reproduce or copy any of our content without any express written consent from us. From time to time, we publish pictures on our website to help promote our business and relate your fishing experience. We write “your fishing story” and devote an entire website page to share your fishing experience. Please advise us if you do not wish to have your pictures published or used on our website or advertising material. We will honor your request.

“We Do Not Fish In Unsafe Seas!”

If we depart in Good or Safe Weather and the Weather become bad or unsafe to stay out fishing, we will stop the trip and start heading home. We will charge you only the hours you are on the boat and not the whole trip. Captain Troy makes the determination as to what is safe. If a customer feels uncomfortable and wants to head in, they will be charged the full amount of the charter. We are fair but we are also responsible. The key is communication. My number is 251.975.8111. I suggest you keep it handy. It will help both of us. Thanks, Capt. Troy