Gulf Shores Best Real Estate Agents - Joseph Frady

Almost everyone we meet who comes to vacation in Gulf Shores, Alabama, tells us that we live in paradise and express how much they would love to live here.  Almost every week, we run across a baby boomer who is retiring soon and are in the beginning stages of finding a real estate agent and searching for a piece of property that they can call home.   We also run across a large number of younger couples buying their first investment condo or beach house.  Depending on who you ask, you will likely get a hundred different names or realtors®  recommended to you.   The purpose for writing this page is to let you know a little bit about the area and what an opportune time it is to buy real estate in the Gulf Shores and Baldwin County area.   Just so you will know up front, we have had great success and purchased two of our most recent properties from Joseph Frady with Paradise Remax in Orange Beach.   We had a wonderful experience and can’t say enough about how professional this young man is.  If you are interested, please call him and let him go to work for you.  His phone number is 251-978-3339.

Gulf Shores Real Estate Is A Good Investment for Retirees and Those With Long Term Financial Goals

You are no different than anyone else who comes to the Alabama Gulf Coast and want to settle in the Gulf Shores area. Whether you are retired, planning on retirement or just wanting to live in the Baldwin County area, you are making a good decision to consider our area. From a financial and common sense point, you want to invest in a piece of property that will give you a good return on your investment and meet your long term financial goals. We strongly believe if you invest now, your property values will continue to go up, the longer you own your property. Unlike so many other places in the middle of our country, property values in Gulf Shores will continue to rise because of supply and demand. Making the investment now and sticking with it, will almost certainly pay off dividends in years to come. Finding the right real estate agent who knows the difference between a fad and a trend, will help guide you toward making a long term sound investment for your family.

Now, everyone knows what happened back in 2008 when the economy failed and property values dropped on almost every piece of property and home around the nation. Well, all that worked itself out over the past few years and property values stabilized and are now rising again. As to how long that trend will continue, who really knows. All we know now, it is time to make the move and consider purchasing or investing in your retirement home or dream home now.

According to recent published reports, more and more of our nation will be moving to and retiring in coastal communities in the next 20 years. That means there is going to be a need for developments in housing and infrastructure to ensure the long term success of our Gulf Shores community. Knowing that more and more people are going to be moving to the area, doesn’t it make sense to pull the trigger and go ahead and invest in your retirement or dream home now? It does to us.

Why You Need To Find A Gulf Shores Real Estate Agent Who Works For You Full Time

I would be willing to bet you know someone who sells real estate.  Am I right?  I can name a dozen people right off the top of my head who are currently making a living doing something else and have all gotten their real estate agents license to supplement their income or hope to transition into real estate sales full time.   There is nothing wrong with that at all.  We admire those people who are not afraid to get up and hustle to make a living for their family.  Getting your real estate sales license is one of the most popular things to do for those people who want to make a little extra income and have something to do in your retirement years.  Thats all fine and dandy, but in our humble opinion, you need to find a real estate agent and sales person who works in the business full time to support their family.  Why?  It’s because they do this full time to make their living and plan on being in the real estate business for a long time.   This is not just a part time job to them.  They have a reputation of being hard working, honest, smart and have a fiduciary interest in doing what is right, no matter what it costs them.  They really care about you getting exactly what you want or get your property sold as quickly as possible so you can get on with your life.   When you choose a real estate agent who works for you full time, you will get the results you desire and everybody wins.

The Best Real Estate Agents in Gulf Shores

Joseph Frady believes strongly in keeping Alabama Real Estate License Law and attention to detail at the forefront of his mind. He consistently offers the most accurate and up to date, dependable information on the real estate business to his clients. He has excellent people skills and can really relate to those people with different personalities, thus enabling him to hear what his customers are saying. He hears his clients wants and easily begins offering solutions, so everyone wins.

Joseph take pride in being an expert on every aspect of the conveyance of real property, while maintaining the ability to shoot strait with buyers and sellers. He has the ability to explain the process of buying and selling real estate in a way that doesn’t make anyone feel left out or wanting to know more. He is very thorough when it comes to working for those who are in the market for property or wanting to sell theirs.

He spent the first few years of his career working for a realtor for the nations largest homebuilder. During those years, he learned all aspects of the real estate industry from purchasing large areas for development, the permit process, the design and construction. He was especially in tune with the marketing and investments aspects of the industry. All of those experiences has given Joseph a well rounded aspect of the real property business.

Joseph is married to Chloe and they have two small boys. They live on the Alabama Gulf Coast and enjoy an active lifestyle where he is involved in community activities. He really enjoys his time with his family and kids.

Joseph is a licensed realtor in Alabama and Florida.